A Piece of A Dream

It starts to drizzle. Raindrops fall silently, softly, little drops of wetness that speckle the concrete. We run down the empty streets, our matching violet coats prominent against the colorless background. Our footsteps echo loud and our giggles are piercing in the silence of the world.

Suddenly Kaitlin stops. “Come here,” she mummers, her voice the soft chime of bells. My knees tremble slightly as I step forward. She laces her fingers into mine. She is so close I can feel her body radiate heat, our auras intertwining, and merging together, becoming one. She smiles and parts her lips to blow warm cinnamon scented air into my face. I giggle, an odd, nervous sound. Her cheeks are flushed from the cold and her freckles shimmer like specks of golden fairy dust sprinkled all over her face. She wraps her long, skinny arms around my waist, leaning her head against my chest. I listen to the soft thumb of her heart, imagining that our hearts are beating in unison, pumping blood into our arteries at a rhythmic pace.

For a while, we stand like that, wrapped up in each other’s warmth. Then she lifts her head to gaze up at me, her eyes shimmering a hazy morning grey. My breath catches in my throat.

She presses her lips against mine, hard and full of suppressed passion.

I shiver and pull away, “I have to go,” I say, quickly.


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