Diamond Dancer

Diamond Dancer

The girl danced as the snow fell silently

Collecting on rooftops

Dipping the world in an infinite white

Her bare feet stung on the cold ice floor

Eyes closed; silver stars on the tips of her dark lashes

Little chips of glitter that clung before sliding down

Her dress spun smudging the white in grey color

Hands spread out to the heavy sky

A fierce smile blazing on a small forlorn face

flushed pink roses blooming on white cotton cheeks

Curls of the deepest midnight glory

Thin scars on translucent fingers

Twisting to the invisible music that sung within her motions

A brilliant warmth emanating into the pallid world

And then the shot

That pierced the air and then girl

Made her body limp and numb

Scarlet spreading fast on the delicateness of her figure

She fell

Onto the ice

A smile frozen on her child face





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