Abused by Thought

An asylum of thought

An instant nothingness

A blissful second of breath

All collated, arranged, and perfected

Colors coalesced in grey

Straight lines printed in neat rows

Sharpened pencils and unblemished erasers


A twitch of an eyelash

A crinkle in a piece of paper

A crease in a shirt

An invisible stain on the carpet

All straight lines and one circle

A streak of color in the veneer of grey

A misspelled word




Splatters of thought

Discolored emotion

Blotches of hysteria

The stain on the carpet mutates

Consumes all the grey and smudges it in sickening color

Vibrant color





Erasers gnawed to crumbles

Paper littering the ground

Tips of pencils gathering in dust

Amidst it all a sobbing girl


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