Septic Friendship

Two girls glide in realms of euphoria

Spiraling rainbows in a hazy morning grey

Cheeks flushed pink and eyes alight with infinite sparkle

One brown haired and one flaming red

Wholesome faces and wholesome laughter

Every sound imbuing an aura of perfect happiness


A secret is born

Two girls wish to be Angels

Spend nights breathing stardust into dark skies

running in lagoons of silver

sharing soft words reminding each other to be brave

Clutching each other’s frozen hands

Icicle fingers shimmering a delicate blue

putting foreheads together and praying


Two hearts beat faster

And the cold grows

I can’t anymore one cries

stay strong the other encourages we can do this


One skeleton wraps the other in a hollow hug and smiles a hollow smile


One thought on “Septic Friendship

  1. Vivid imagery. I have seen a similar scenario before. Fortunately, it turned out alright. Still holding on and making it work. So lucky to be alive. Your poetry is amazing. Best wishes!

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