Blue Moments

Swimming In Blue Moonlight

An ocean of sapphire light illuminating a breathless sky

Swirling clouds of memory drifting across a blue horizon

A blurry figure lost in blinding reflection gliding barefoot into aquamarine foreboding

Indigos and Prussian blues coalescing in melancholy melody

Water and moonlight dancing in azure



7 thoughts on “Blue Moments

  1. Exquisite poem, Marlene. You have a gift for language and for compelling imagery. I am honored that you liked one of my haiku. On the basis of this one poem, “Blue Moments,” I am now following your blog and will be honored if you choose to follow mine. May your journey be one of peace, love, and joy and may you continue writing all the days of your life.

    Respect and Admiration,

    Ron (Randa Lane — Haiku and More)

  2. I saw this one listed under “related” on your most recent post. I must have missed it somehow in November! You already know a ton of stuff it reminds me of in my own poetry I guess though, so no sense in mentioning stuff we’ve already talked about. Great poem Lily! 🙂

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