Dangerous Beauty

Beautiful chocolate eyes filled with endless stars

Deep midnight eyelashes and warm coconut skin

The most profound perfect that resonates to the depths of your soul

You hold his hand and your heart sings of love

You trace his features, memorizing his lips, the sound of his heart, the curve of his spine

Your smile is constant, your laugh pure, you are summer in the middle of snow

You dance together and relish each other in the envious world

He cloaks you in words of fierce passion

A miraculous flaming red an infinite sunset stretching out over days

He cradles you and whispers in your ear soft tunes of I love you

You never notice the cold creeping in

You never notice the others fading into the shadows

You notice only him and the starlight in his eyes

You listen only to him and the melody of his voice

He gets angry and you blame yourself

A knife in your shaking hands

Scarlet on the whiteness of your arm

It’s your fault because it could never be his

Your smile washes away, drifts from your face and flies to the clouds

Your mouth becomes a straight line

Colorful dresses morphing into grey long sleeves

He remains an angel with stars in eyes


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