Listen to winter fall from the sky.

Listen to snowflakes drift to the Earth.

Listen to the winter flowers bloom.

Listen to the color of gold mornings.

Listen to the hazy silence of peace.

Listen to the smile that dances on your face.


Don’t listen.

Don’t listen to the soft musings of impeding storm.

Don’t listen to the cries that echo from frozen worlds.

Don’t listen to the girl drowning in blinding white.

Don’t listen to the boy lost in the wind.

Don’t listen the ice crystals pound on hopeless souls.

Don’t listen to the bruised howls of glacial midnight.

Don’t listen to your own reflection hollow in this starlight.


4 thoughts on “Listen.

  1. You write in an interesting way Lily. “Listen” reminds me of an old poem I wrote years ago, and set as the tagline on my blog account when I opened it this past August. The refrain of listen, and don’t listen, reminds me of opposing sides in a war, and my line about being a “war-drum” which is something that was heard in times past, during a forward march into battle. The imagery of winter as well, is relatable to my poem, at the end. Anyways, thanks for liking the haiku I posted! I look forward to reading more of your poetry in the future Lily 🙂

    Here is my blog tagline in it’s original poem form –

    by Ry Hakari

    I am a soldier of sorts
    I am a floating ghost
    I fight the good fight
    I am a wry warrior
    I am a war-drum
    In autumn for winter

  2. Your work intrigues me. From reading a few poem on your blog I can tell you are a very visual writer which is interesting because at the same time you are not a concrete 1+1=2 kind of writer. In this poem I found the marriage between the visual reality and the metaphysical otherness to be perfectly balance and merited a like. 🙂

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