Behind the Daises


On the edge of a lopsided moon

Underneath a sun-stained planet

Summer shimmers in a thousand lullabies

Stars are frozen diamonds in a lavender sky

Oceans sing in golden song and wind mummers in pale blue

Shadows dance behind daises

Hints of darkness amidst soft marigold

Charcoal heartbeats that shatter crystal flowers

Breathing in sunshine but dreaming in shapes of darkness




The bride was made of fire.


Curls rippling through glacial night

like waves of endless scarlet.

Eyes shimmering midnight coal

Fingers blackened soot.


Eyelashes of ash searing pearl skin.


Love like dying embers

and a heartbeat like the sun


Her words blazing white flames;

violent shadows screaming in hunger black;

notes of darkness burning in wild anger.


memories singed;

grey phantoms of smoke

blurring in dense twilight.



Christmas shimmers in wisps of snowflake

Lovers kissing under a sugar plum morning

Children dancing through clementine sundown

Trees glitter and candles cast diamond light

Candy cane stained smiles erupt in gathering crowds

Miracles trace swirls on frozen waters and voices crystallize in song

A mystery of jingle bells splinters the pale sky

And the Earth is safe inside a snow globe dreaming in endless tranquility

Lost in White


An Artic Star hovers in a silent universe

As December drifts onto the Earth

Silver bells echo hollow in charcoal midnight

Lonely lights are lost in heavy cold

Wishes whisper unheard in a loud Winter

Crowds lace through colorless icicles

And Children shiver in blizzards of forgotten values

Golden Winter

Beautiful-Winter-winter-7853265-500-401 Icicles


Cold dissipates as laughter gleams in frozen air

And comets adorn the sky

Lakes shimmer in dazzling crystal

Trees wear blankets of white

Humans capture stars to shine in evergreens

Ribbons of memory float in scents of caramel

Vanilla songs melt sadness and prayers create hope

Angles dance through golden icicles

And children glow in realms of joy




Run through blackberry monsoons of despair

through shadows of violet eclipse

through magenta burning oceans

through frozen amber deserts

and through forests of flaming sunset

Run through burnt sienna railroads of radiation

through blood orange skies and fuchsia blizzards

through saffron pain and topaz silence

Run through rusty evenings and pale mornings


Never stop running.


Remain breathless.


The Grey Continent


Souls walk on the Grey Continent with unheard steps

From forlorn avenues vacant in dusty lavender 

Through burred roads stretching into faded horizons

On highways lost in grey wind

Past boulevards of colorless violets and charcoal roses

Through sidewalks littered with fragmented dreams

And lanes splintered by memories tossed aside and crumbled in corners

The souls are noiseless and the Grey Continent quiet

No one notices as they lace through our world of deafening color

Lost in Drawing


She was made out of doodles

Billions of colorless swirls

Coiling charcoal lines spiraling

Scribbles of smoke

Sketches of grey

Journals filled with stencil tears

A labyrinth of doodles leaking from paper

Into her life

Silvery wordless illustrations

Ashen compositions

She danced in depiction until she was lost

Forgotten in her drawings

Blinded by pencil markings

and smudges she tried to erase

slowly fading in endless grey swirls



People dressed in sunsets twirl endlessly

Blood orange sea melts into honeydew horizon

Cherry lips press against coconut skin

Hands lace together and marigold smiles dance

Warmth is infinite and time a faded memory

Lemon mornings and bronzed evenings flow in perfect haze

Thoughts drift away into shades of topaz and dreams trickle over reality



The runner sprinted through the universe

With splintered breath and fractured heartbeat

Past indigo planets and golden stars stitched into tight darkness

Away from the black holes and consuming shadows

Feet thundering on cold moonlight

The Sun dying above, the Earth drowning below

Running endlessly from the howls of decaying light

Into blinding nothingness

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