IMG_0109Write in vibrant colors of intense momentum.

Write in angry reds and brilliant orange.

Write in yellow sunsets and delicate blue sky.

Write in inky black cursive that curls across the world in words of color.

Write in indigo dreams and colorless reality.

Write in darkest charcoal nightmares.

Write in blind passion and glaring gore.

Write in silver sound and golden silence.

Write in haunting memory and cruel desire.

Write in stained thought and evil purpose.

Write in personality and most profound depths of soul.

Write in scarlet blood and crimson pain.

Don’t write in starved colors.

Don’t write in watery paint that drips in formless smudge.

Don’t write in pale sentences that blur in twisted universe.

Don’t write in broken words and wasteful wishes.

Don’t write in selfishness and plain fantasy.

Don’t write in ashen lie or blazing meaning.


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