Speak in dark crimson roses blooming in indigo flames.

Speak in diamond lips fiery in blurred color.

Speak in pale pink memory that sparkles in prolific moonlight.

Speak in silver lips that murmur ancient lullabies.

Speak in soft motions of peace and in music that dreams.


Don’t speak.

Don’t speak in dusty tones on the verge of empty thought.

Don’t speak in punctured breath and beaten sentences.

Don’t speak in ashen whispers unheard in ominous storm.

Don’t speak in emaciated screams that echo hollow in forgotten nightmares.

Don’t speak in brutal war and in sound that kills.


6 thoughts on “Speak.

  1. I like this, nice companion to your “write” post. 🙂 I am a tad too tired to try to leave my typicial comment’s tirade of thoughtful things tonight… lol 4 hours of sleep last night, and I think 5 the night ‘fore last. :/

    • Thank you for your comments on all my other pieces as well as this one, it is always nice to know that someone actually enjoyed my poetry…..and you really should get some sleep that sounds nightmarish.

      • No prob 🙂 someone was coming by to check my furnace this morning, and I forgot about that until I was already up way late last night. I’ll bounce back fast tomorrow probably, it’s not like it’s insomnia related, it’s because I was just up late talking with a girl I really like 😉

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and because of that bring me to redo yours.
    You create worlds with your words I visited them and enjoyed it.

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