Under the umbrella of imagination

Pale Blue Angels sing in mango sunsets

Place lemon colored secrets on ships drifting toward Saturn

Swim in a universe composed of endless stardust

Play on playgrounds of fiery comets and sleep in kiwi afternoons

Always walking toward the castle of the sunlight goddess


11 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Curious about your imagination in this post – why were the blue angels always heading towards the castle of the sunlight goddess? Do you just mean them playing through the night, or were they going to overthow the empire of the sun with the night? If you don’t have answers for those questions, and wanted to leave it open to reader interpertation, that’s fine too 🙂 You and I have awesome imaginations, this seems to go along great with the haiku set of mine that you liked earlier, if it was inspiring at at all in this post, then I am honored to have been a positive creative influence in whatever way I may have been! It’s so cool how reading poetry on wordpress can spark creative ideas for one’s own poetry! It happens to me on occasion, and makes me grateful for the blogging community at large 🙂

    • Every time I read yours or anyone else’s words for that matter their imagination is reflected in my own writing sometimes unconsciously, sometime consciously. I try read as much poetry as I can everyday so it is likely that your poems influenced mine. About the pale blue angels they are not really angels but human beings lost in realities they painted for themselves forever walking toward the sunlight godess in hope of some sort of guidance.

      • Cool! Thanks for giving me a window into your meaning! The imagination is an awesome thing. In most of the imaginative things I write, I write as allegories for real life things. For example, in the haiku set you liked earlier, the God of the Sea and the God of the Moon, were not really divine beings, but just human beings as well. I find writing in allegory and imaginative things based on real things, so much more creatively fulfilling, then just writing things that are pure fiction. Winston Churchill has said “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” and I interpret that in my own way in a less serious context, and use psuedo-fiction poems as a means to wage war against my personal demons, and to kill time as I am waiting for “the next thing” often times, in large part in regards to eventually working on larger writing projects, and to hone my writing battle skills and what not. See what I mean? lol Writing is a joyous passtime, it would be a dream come true if I can make a living with it eventually!

      • I agree completely with all your statements, especially your last one, it would be beautiful if one could make a living solely out of words but sadly money is still a cruel necessity.

      • Yes, if hitting letters on my keyboard is revealed to be beating a dead horse, I will definitely have to seek some worthwhile work, as I am not content with laziness, especially as I am determined to have a family someday that will need a husband and father there for them, that puts them first before the dream of being a writer!

      • That is true, but I would write much less in my free time, wanting to focus it more on my family. Writing is a solitary pursuit, and I wouldn’t love it as much if I only did it in free time, after work, as it would to some extent be taking me away from them. I suppose I could write things for and about them though, and read it to them, and that would totally redeem my feeling that my writing would be taking me away from them.

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