Run through blackberry monsoons of despair

through shadows of violet eclipse

through magenta burning oceans

through frozen amber deserts

and through forests of flaming sunset

Run through burnt sienna railroads of radiation

through blood orange skies and fuchsia blizzards

through saffron pain and topaz silence

Run through rusty evenings and pale mornings


Never stop running.


Remain breathless.


7 thoughts on “Run.

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  1. I love this Lily! You brought to mine with the first few lines, the lyrics to the song below ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Art In Me”
    by Jars of Clay

    Images on the sidewalk speak of dream’s decent
    Washed away by storms to graves of cynical lament
    Dirty canvases to call my own
    Protest limericks carved by the old pay phone

    In your picture book I’m trying hard to see
    Turning endless pages of this tragedy
    Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
    You plead to everyone, “see the art in me”

    Broken stained-glass windows, the fragments ramble on
    Tales of broken souls, an eternity’s been won
    As critics scorn the thoughts and works of mortal man
    My eyes are drawn to you in awe once again

    In your picture book I’m trying hard to see
    Turning endless pages of this tragedy
    Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
    You plead to everyone, “see the art in me”

      1. I like your beautiful poem more though, as it reminds me of an old poem titled “Run With Me” that I recently reblogged in one of my posts that I think you liked, about dreams of running with a future significant other through storms As you’ve said I’m an inspiration to you, I’m more inclined to feel able to better relate to your words when they remind me of my own, than I am to writers who have never read anything I’ve written and just happen to have written things I relate to. Yours has more meaning to me, and thus I appreciate it and admire your creative beauty more ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I definitely agree, the lyrics to the Jars of Clay song are beautiful!

      2. Thank you again!

        It is truly the amazing that we have the opportunity to read so many unique and beautiful poetry on wordpress and meet so many talented writers that would have gone unheard.

      3. Absolutely! I am very glad I finally rejoined the blogosphere community this Autumn, after leaving it in 2006. I am likewise very grateful that time has polished my character, and that I have matured as a less selfish person since then, and that this time I have taken the time to absorb myself in the beautiful poetry of poets other than myself, like you. It’s a much richer life creatively, living less self-absorbed, and drawing inspiration from others. I had no idea the wealth of incredibly inspiring resources out there that I wasn’t tapping into. There is a Proverb by Solomon that says “As iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another” that I knew for a long time, but failed to fully see it could have creative application beyond the implied reference to character. It’s a shame it took me so long to discover this better way of life, but as the old cliche phase goes, so tried but oh so true – “better late than never!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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