The Grey Continent


Souls walk on the Grey Continent with unheard steps

From forlorn avenues vacant in dusty lavender 

Through burred roads stretching into faded horizons

On highways lost in grey wind

Past boulevards of colorless violets and charcoal roses

Through sidewalks littered with fragmented dreams

And lanes splintered by memories tossed aside and crumbled in corners

The souls are noiseless and the Grey Continent quiet

No one notices as they lace through our world of deafening color

5 thoughts on “The Grey Continent

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  1. I’ve noticed that you reference colors a lot in your poetry, and use a lot of beautiful sounding names of shades of colors, and use a lot of beautifully descriptive adjectives in connection with colors. It’s really interesting to read, it’s definitely different than my writing style. I really like it. I wish I could see how you imagine the things you write, the way you see them, as your creativity is wired pretty differently than mine, and uses so much more visual imagery than mine. When I write, though I have a vivid imagination, I don’t imagine things in the same lush detail that you clearly do. If I am ever to become a published writer, I suppose I will have learn to steer my imagination to be more detailed like yours, as books have a lot more imagined descriptions of things than I am used to writing. So much of my own poetry is thought of as allegorical of real life things, and I just have a sense in reading your poetry, that I could really learn from your style how to be a more descriptive writer when I start working on writing books. I am glad we found each other online, and that i have taken the time to consistently read your poetry and think about it.

    I’m curious, to you, what is the Grey Continent? It made me think of the dust of a desert, or possibly the moon, but you spoke of other colors that were lacking in depth of color, but were still somewhat evident. I know often times I don’t like describing what I mean in my poems, and it’s totally an author’s prerogative that I respect. It also kind of made me think of old black and white movies, with the line “Through sidewalks littered with fragmented dreams”, and the idea of the Hollywood walk of fame, with celebrity stars and names from old black and white movies in the sidewalks that no one notices. As i was thinking of this, I thought of “The Grey Continent” as the sidewalk. lol

    Either way, it’s an interesting poem, and I enjoyed it, as usual. Your writings are pretty enigmatic and the meanings are often mysterious. You definitely either refuse to be predictable or you can’t help not being predictable as a writer. Either way, it’s making your writing stand out to me Lily, so keep doing what your doing, it’s awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you for your long essay-like reaction to my poem. I love reading your poems and reblogs of poems you enjoyed. Your input always helps and inspires. The reason I use so many references to colors is because for me colors show emotion without specifically pinpointing which emotion. I try to find as many different shades of a colors so that the imagery in poems is never dull or boring to write. I love hunting for new colors to express new emotions. The Grey Continent is the layer of existence that carries the souls of those deceased. Our loved ones are still around us, walking beside us, but invisible in a silent grey world.
      Thank you again for reading my poem and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I equally glad to read your poetry.

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