Golden Winter

Beautiful-Winter-winter-7853265-500-401 Icicles


Cold dissipates as laughter gleams in frozen air

And comets adorn the sky

Lakes shimmer in dazzling crystal

Trees wear blankets of white

Humans capture stars to shine in evergreens

Ribbons of memory float in scents of caramel

Vanilla songs melt sadness and prayers create hope

Angles dance through golden icicles

And children glow in realms of joy

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  1. I love this poem, it’s such a happy optimistic one Lily 🙂 In reading it, it reminded me of my poem copy/pasted below, that was written during a very difficult time in my life, when my dog’s barking was like a song that melted my sadness, and for a brief time I found some happiness as my dog and I glowed like children with joy outside in the snow.

    Your words “Ribbons of memory” are what really brought the memory of my poem to mind, because of it reminding me of these two lines “My long hair goes wild / And I let it for awhile”.

    Your poem is excellent, I enjoyed it so much 🙂

    (November 27, 2008 Thursday)
    “Wild Imagination”
    by Ry Hakari

    Walking the dog
    Listening to him talk
    To the birds and rabbits
    I laugh at him quietly
    While Winter-shivering
    My breath is smoke
    Sans a cancer stick
    Sacré bleu
    I’m playing charades
    I laugh a little louder
    Walking up the road
    The lodge on my left
    The field on the right
    The early morning frost
    Clinging to the grass
    Looks to me like
    Crystal or glass
    It crunches underfoot
    As I continue on
    Pulling the dog behind
    As he pulls for the woods
    Suddenly I wonder
    Who is walking who?
    Laughing at the two of us
    As the head away bus
    Slows as it goes by
    And as I turn to watch it
    The wind catches my hood
    Blowing it off my head
    My long hair goes wild
    And I let it for awhile
    As the dog and I run
    Like we’re undomesticated
    Canidae chasing rabbits
    And our fantasies
    I am a Werewolf
    And he is a Weredog
    After wearing ourselves out
    We will head to our den
    Where I will write out
    These wild thoughts

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