Lost in White


An Artic Star hovers in a silent universe

As December drifts onto the Earth

Silver bells echo hollow in charcoal midnight

Lonely lights are lost in heavy cold

Wishes whisper unheard in a loud Winter

Crowds lace through colorless icicles

And Children shiver in blizzards of forgotten values

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  1. Reminds me of my third post ever on wordpress at http://fergusandthedruid.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/23-poetry-prose-combinatorial-creativity-archive-of-the-past-7-days/ If you are pressed for time and opportunity, then I’ll just copy/paste the poem from it that your poem brought most clearly to memory. I wrote it almost 9 years ago to the day, the day before Christmas 2004 🙂 I love your poem by the way, and I love how you have some kind of magic with words that draws to my mind memories and connections like no one else is able to. The greatest compliments are the kind that come from objectivity, and the most meaningful from subjectivity, and mine for you are a blend of the two Lily 🙂

    (Poem Written December 24, 2004 Friday)
    by Ry Hakari

    Winter can you please answer,
    everything you do gets even stranger

    I don’t understand this,
    somehow I feel bliss

    When feeling winters embrace,
    its like snow falling on my face

    Like white snow on the grass,
    I wonder how long this will last

    Will you make spring come,
    summer then autumn

    Despite the cold you’re bringing,
    you give me such a warm feeling

    I for one hope you stay,
    please don’t become my yesterday

    You bring me closer to heaven,
    and I know I’m just a human

    But for some reason,
    I fell for a season

  2. Beautiful and expressive piece. Absolute word mastery.
    “And Children shiver in blizzards of forgotten values”
    Such a great line. It makes such a powerful statement.
    Thank you

    John (JMC)

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