The bride was made of fire.


Curls rippling through glacial night

like waves of endless scarlet.

Eyes shimmering midnight coal

Fingers blackened soot.


Eyelashes of ash searing pearl skin.


Love like dying embers

and a heartbeat like the sun


Her words blazing white flames;

violent shadows screaming in hunger black;

notes of darkness burning in wild anger.


memories singed;

grey phantoms of smoke

blurring in dense twilight.


5 thoughts on “Burning

  1. Hmm… curious, are you relating yourself in some way figuratively to the bride of fire, or is she a character based on someone else with a marriage that is falling apart, or is it completely fictional? It’s a very fiery poem… I wouldn’t want to accidentally cross the bride of fire! Great work Lily šŸ™‚

    • It is interesting to see that what I was initially thinking while writing the poem actually comes through; the bride of fire is based on someone whose marriage is falling apart. Love is a dying fire. And of course thank you as always for the comment.

      • Well, I know someone who has a sister whose marriage seems to be falling apart, so I guess the stage was set for me to understand, as we both know of someone going through the kind of situation you wrote figuratively about. I got that the love was a dying fire, I have often written about passionate love being like a fire, so it was symbolism that I’m used to using myself. It is an excellent poem, and the picture was an awesome touch as well, so you are very welcome and deserving of blog comments and inquiry about your poems! I know that some poets who write somewhat cryptically as you do at times, often aren’t willing to explain what they mean when asked, so it’s cool that you do explain šŸ™‚

  2. I am so glad you dropped into my site and Liked “In your eyes”. It gave me the chance to discover and follow another truly gifted writer/poet. I have not read much yet but I had to comment on this piece. While it’s subject is intense and emotional, the words create such a beautiful contrasting imagery. So well crafted. I cannot wait to enjoy more of your work. Thank you again for visiting my site. Drop in any time, and I hope you find more that you truly enjoy. Happy New Year!!!

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