Behind the Daises


On the edge of a lopsided moon

Underneath a sun-stained planet

Summer shimmers in a thousand lullabies

Stars are frozen diamonds in a lavender sky

Oceans sing in golden song and wind mummers in pale blue

Shadows dance behind daises

Hints of darkness amidst soft marigold

Charcoal heartbeats that shatter crystal flowers

Breathing in sunshine but dreaming in shapes of darkness

3 thoughts on “Behind the Daises

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  1. Enjoyable read, and excellent digital art. I like how they go together. I’ve done the same thing today with my own art and white flowers, though not with my own poems, except for my most recent post. Which came first, the art or the poem Lily?

    Your post reminds me of one of my favorite songs by the band Brand New. The lyrics speak of burying things that are negative about one’s self, and praying they grow into something positive, and the title of song, “Daisy” is suggestive of that being successful. It makes me think of in your poem, the shadows and charcoal hearts hidden behind the daises.

    The three photos, are those symbolic for Summer, Autumn, and Winter? I actually worked with that idea today with a photo that has some white flowers in a painting in the background, that I plan on writing a poem about tomorrow, only I included one for spring as well. I used the season filters in my iPod Touch’s Photoshop App to create them, though I may make the winter one a black and white photo now instead, as I think that would be better, seeing your third photo.

    1. what a beautiful melancholy song!
      The photo came first; it is a collage of photographs that I found on the internet and than put together on photoshop with different filters. It is interesting that you connected the pictures to the seasons, since I simply could not decide between color schemes.

      I look forward to viewing your post!

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