The Unheard War


The unheard war begins


A cold dawn wakes up

Forgotten wind moving like a foreign song

On an unknown battlefield


The unheard war begins


A silent thunder rumbles

Lightening striking like a fractured heartbeat

On an charcoal horizon


The unheard war begins


An ocean cries

Teardrops falling like bullets

On a shattered star


The unheard war begins


An echo whispers

Black dreams waiting like death

On a forbidden road


The unheard war begins


A person runs

Thoughts breathing like melting ice

On a broken world


IMG_0021You lost her in shadow dreams

In the cobwebs of a forgotten reality


You lost in her in motionless wind

In a forlorn thought drifting at sea


You lost her in endless sky

In the melody of a grey winter


You lost her in a fractured promise

In a wordless good-bye


You lost her in decaying sound

In an empty silence


You lost her in velvet midnight

In a dying star


IMG_0062 copy

Beyond the white flowers Sound is a mystery

Noiseless in an empty sunset

Speechless in a diamond sky

A silent echo in a mute storm

A quiet fantasy


Beyond the white flowers Sound dances

Songs move in dusty oceans

Melodies breathe in splintered notes

Clouds drift in voiceless shadows

Unheard dreams swirl in faded mist


Beyond the white flowers the universe is deaf

White Lace


Loneliness hides in white lace

On boats that sail through cobwebs of forgotten imagination

Dusty sadness blooming in the crevices of splintered lavender

Realities blurring in lilac echoes and Heavens singing in pearl oceans

Hands press against silver tears and hair drifts in memory

A fractured sob traces violet into an evening sky

Loneliness whispers in silent breathes of stardust

Lullabies of the Universe

IMG_0028Sleeping amidst shattered constellations

Listening to the music of rotating planets

The soft hum of expanding black holes

The rhythm of everlasting darkness

melting into dreams of the unknown.

You are weightless in dark matter feeling

the heartbeat of the universe.


IMG_0011Dusty bodies composed of frail dreams

Wonder through mists of sightlessness

Through stolen winds whispering of frayed promises

Grey melodies howling in ancient sadness

Hallucinations embellished with silver scars

Aching bones and bleeding thoughts

Broken hazy gazes that slowly wane to memory

Pale faces and stale smiles wash together in colorless illusion



January rises in fantasies of magenta

Like a lustrous firework caught in an abandoned sky

Eroding frozen memories to glittering stardust

Forgetting midnight dreams in dazzling color

Reaching with stained hands for a stolen summer

Dancing through songs adorned in vibrant sunsets

Enveloped in thoughts that swirl like eternal music

Vivid hope blooming in fragmented souls



The angel was born in darkness

Under a sky of bleeding roses

In an ocean filled with exploding stars

Inky lips and midnight eyes

White flowers caught in pearl hair

Immortal in the echoes of the lost sea

The Princess of Darkness


She drifts in wordless darkness

Moonlight tangled in her midnight curls

Behind her dark vapor consumes all immorality

Corpses of memory rise in swirls of grey

White flames dance beneath an electric universe

Planets orbit voiceless in the shadows

Her silver heartbeat

Her silent breath

Shiver in endless nightmare

Nature’s Shadow


An emerald skyline gleamed above a pastel world

Verdant meadows stretched into coral horizons

Leafy smiles bloomed timelessly on bronzed faces

Children laughed in grassy song and played in fields of daises

Humans kissed in silent drizzle and danced in murky soil

Tranquil clouds drifted in serene afternoons

Calm glittered in golden evening until words of war painted the sky black

And drowned the Earth in charcoal horizon

Sunshine evaporating in thick haze

Redwoods decompose and wooden promises decay

Lifeless cement extinguishes the echoes of a blood orange sunset

Every day moves in sightless fog and humans stumble in Nature’s shadow




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