White Lace


Loneliness hides in white lace

On boats that sail through cobwebs of forgotten imagination

Dusty sadness blooming in the crevices of splintered lavender

Realities blurring in lilac echoes and Heavens singing in pearl oceans

Hands press against silver tears and hair drifts in memory

A fractured sob traces violet into an evening sky

Loneliness whispers in silent breathes of stardust

11 thoughts on “White Lace

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  1. “Fractured sob” is more powerful than “dusty sadness.” I don’t know if this is an original piece, but if it is, I’d suggest using another word in place of dusty. Every word counts in a poem, even more so in poems twelve stanzas or fewer. 🙂

  2. I don’t have much to say, loneliness is a horrible feeling I’m familiar with, as well as “forgotten imagination.” Good poem though. I’m focusing more on facebook than wordpress now, though if you want to add me on there, it’s http://www.facebook.com/raianhakari I realize we didn’t get to know each other well the past two months, so I won’t take it personally if occasional wordpress communication when I am on here does it for you. Later Lily.

    1. Oh wait I didn’t realize it was past midnight, and you posted this yesterday. I was feeling bad thinking I was a day late reading this. my bad, tired with a headache, I don’t feel bad now lol

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