Our minds are dying

Decaying in the vast continuum of time

Perishing in the slivers of broken universe

Blood seething from fractured thoughts

Silver patterns dancing underneath shadowed souls

Splintered essence crying in an empty hurricane

Black stars sway in ancient vertigo

An endless grey scream pounds against unseen walls

White noise penetrates the soundless waves of agony

Bruises shatter faceless creatures

Nightmares moan in hollow days

Depression punctures deep gashes

In our dying minds



The moon shines through a thin cloud cover casting a silver blade of light over a charcoal sea. A solid wall of fog steadily advances toward a lonely shore. A woman wonders to the edge of the beach and I watch as a subtle wind caresses the thin white dress that hangs loosely over her body. She brushes a dark curl from her pallid face and I can see the stars glitter in depths of her dark eyes like captured lanterns.

She looks like a porcelain doll tiny, fragile against the immense, dark sky. I worry that the wind will shatter her into billions of tiny pieces. I imagine picking them all up in the morning; every single little piece, until I could glue her back together, until she was not broken anymore. Her lips form a melody that floats above the black water crystallizing in the air in perfect strains of music. A voice heavy and thick like honey.

She comes every night. Venturing to stand motionlessly in the same spot, in the same white dress, to sing the same wayward tune. I used to think she was sleepwalking, drifting somewhere between dream and reality, lost among the stars. Sometimes I am tempted to run outside so I can find out for sure, but something always holds me back.

By the time the first rays of sunlight pierce the sky the woman, together with her footprints, have vanished, leaving only an unblemished sheet of white sand.



The stars are yours if you want them

Night skies drift over your horizons

Violet oceans move underneath your feet

Shapeless lands amass in your thoughts

Full moons glitter in the depths of your eyes

Diamond rain sparkles in your teardrops

Seas rumble and roar in the melodies of your voice

Volcanoes erupt in your glares

Golden rays of sunlight dance on your palms

The world is yours if you want it

Another World


I am dying in another sunset

Shapeless words fall from unheard skies

Laughter breaks in tears of glass

Riddled memories bleed in lavish scarlet

The world disappears in front of my eyes

Grey universe crowds my ears

and broken echoes scream

in violent hurricanes that fracture the world

in hopeless afternoons

I am alive in another winter


Silver Planets


dreams of distant sapphire

glitter in dense darkness


silver planets orbit

like foreign lullabies

around a winter sun


sleepless lovers

wonder in tangled moonlight

desires shining like stars


The hum of their indigo kisses

Disappearing in the mummers of



wrapped in clouds of different storms

in languages of lust


Lovers melt like blue echoes

where the sky grows low over the sea



A sun screams in a vast array of color

An ocean bleeds in deep scarlet tones

Worlds drift in shattered reflections

Mountains move in white noise

People dance in bright illusions

Speak with diamond eyes and frozen hearts

Laugh in an endless glacial music that never melts

A thousand different masks twinkle in a winter sky

A million different smiles glitter in a summer afternoon

Mornings begin when mirrors break


IMG_0027 2

Consumed by dark clouds, majestic above a bleeding sky


Consumed by stolen shadows that glitter in memories of rain


Consumed by vast midnights expanding over a splintered moon


Consumed by the ashen tumble of words that resonant hollow in thick nightmares


Consumed by silver wind crying as broken galaxies resurface to dance


Consumed by vacant souls lost in forgotten moonlight


Broken Storms

hurricane-superstorm-sandy-hits-wave_60732_600x450Everyone wonders through broken storms

Past shadows howling in charcoal voices

Under a dying sky falling on an azure world


Everyone walks alone

Beneath cold stars trapped in black oceans

Across thoughts illuminating tempests like frozen lightening


Everyone is blind

In a fractured eclipse that shatters into the universe

On the edges of the unknown


Everyone wonders through broken storms

Past decaying moments whispering silver notes

In a deep violet song that rises in silent noise

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