Another World


I am dying in another sunset

Shapeless words fall from unheard skies

Laughter breaks in tears of glass

Riddled memories bleed in lavish scarlet

The world disappears in front of my eyes

Grey universe crowds my ears

and broken echoes scream

in violent hurricanes that fracture the world

in hopeless afternoons

I am alive in another winter



7 thoughts on “Another World

  1. Lily, I have been reading all your wonderful, aching words and feeling for you since you liked our New Year’s wishes this January. This is Leon of SolitaryThinkers.
    Please do not misunderstand me if I seem to be coming on too strongly with my praise and encouragement here; I am just a Mediterranean, warm-hearted Leo (astrological Sun and Mars sign) with Scorpio Moon and Neptune in the first house, as I reveal in one of my poems Do not worry if you are not into astrology, there are many paths to the truth, and each journey is honourable.

    I seize the opportunity of this triumphantly forlorn poem of yours, yet another outpouring of your beautiful soul through and beyond words, to thank you personally, to let you know you are not alone, and to give you some strength. Plutonia and myself have both been struggling with all sorts of problems (including food problems) and excruciating rejections from our social environments, we have both been killed repeatedly by our parents, both couples hating each other, and risen from our ashes many times over, each time more humbled and in some senses empowered. Just a glimpse of what hides behind this nice little avatar couple holding hands (more about some of our suffering in our About section). We are all Bodiless in one way or another, spiritual beings having a human experience, treading our misty karmic paths with fears and insecurities.

    Most people just don’t understand that these mortal sufferings of ours have to be lived out because they serve a high spiritual purpose. We are neither crazy, nor suicidal, nor vile disturbers of their supposedly all-figured-out peace; we love and embrace life just as much as they do, yet even more so. We cannot blame them, since they, too, are on their own challenging journeys, but it’s OK to be angry rather than drowning in despair. It will all pass, dear; we will win together. We are all here, brothers and sisters of all sorts of backgrounds, transmuting and transcending the pain through our beloved words. Maybe our blog will be offering you some solace, like your poems do to me. God bless you, Lily, and keep up the good work! I am following now.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I have never dove into the world of astrology before but the way you describe it sounds beautiful. Your words are wonderfully inspiring and I hope they will continue to shine in the face of all your struggles.

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