the child’s laugh

fills the world

with golden sunshine

a thousand delicate melodies

glitter in gasps of breath

pure syllables

of finely spun mornings

rising in summer skies

drifting into lavender

fading into violet

falling into darkness

until only a lingering echo


The Last Sunrise


A fireless sun ascends beyond a deserted continent


darkness extinguishing the echoes of The Last Sunrise


We listen to the resonance of a forgotten cold


creep over the edges of our new horizon


You observe with splintered thought


and breathless, frozen prayer


an empty hand placed over your empty heart


She shivers in speechless fear


her bloodless veins pulsing in broken memories


He cries in unearthly whispers


that swirl into the desolate atmosphere


I move past vacant miracles in spirals of fading heat


lacing warmth into the cloudless winter landscape


We are speechless in a morning of dense charcoal


Our voices lost in the darkness of The Last Sunrise



A blue child listens

to the whispers of withering winter

as indigo skies drip from a canvas of shattered hope

the child is born with empty eyes that cradle

the teardrops of an ancient nightmare

his features fading in the endless blue of a forest lost at sea

gnarled midnight branches and dusty stems of charcoal

sway in dreaming starlight and sleeping planets

ashen words tumble from a grey horizon

and fall onto his frozen face

silently splintering into soft snow



Look past sightlessness.

Past skin.

Past oceans.

Past eyes.

Past the golden parallels of pattern.

Past the fireless Sun.

Past the foreboding of impeding future.


Reach out.




Close your eyes and welcome the absence of light.

Close your eyes and listen to the heartbeat of a distant soul.

Close your eyes and taste the moments of a different time.


Where are you?

Look past the colors, the

explosions of sunset

the precision of a blue sky

keep running through mountains

through arid countries, and raging hurricanes


Where are you?


Look past the weightless fire

the endless walls that surround

every foreign continent

Past the frozen landscapes

of a thousand winters


Where are you?



In a mortal eclipse

soft twilight melts

into hazy violet

as foreign planets

rise in dreams

and gentle wind stirs

the cosmos.

The silent crackle

of scarlet stars

waking in breaths

of ascending flames.

Souls drift

in the hypnotic gaze

of the mortal eclipse

and everything waits

for The Unknown.



Were you a blue child,

chasing pastel clouds

in indigo evenings

and humming melodies

of midnight?


Were you a blue child,

watching changing comets,

and flowers bloom like

shattering stars?


Were you a blue child,

listening to dying summers

fade in grey rain

and crying

through the teardrops

of melting glaciers?


Were you a blue child,

thinking in moments

of tangled sapphire

and swimming

in splintered moonlight?


Were you a blue child,

full of broken skies,

and dreams of hollow oceans?

Eyes of a Broken Soul


The eyes of a broken soul watch

In her dark curls

A headband of nightmares glitters

thousands of wilting flowers



Like splintered snowflakes

they drift in empty sounds


The eyes of broken soul wait

Her presence

an anxious shadow

that whispers darkness

into vacant atmospheres


The eyes of a broken soul yearn

a velvet cry that creeps from the corners

of an ancient dream

Thick fog moving from dead winters

Fractured stardust gathering

on soft, pallid hands


The eyes of a broken soul hunger

for stolen sweetness

melting between shattered lips

diamond skin and jasmine bones

When You Cried


When you cried

The world cried.

Swollen oceans consumed

the decaying flames of decaying souls

Land fell in steep slopes

and mountains rose in frozen sounds

Winters swirled in thick screams in thick nights

a thousand full moons

shattered in empty Skies

and empty lights fell from empty dreams

Distorted thoughts filled distorted atmospheres

moonlight danced in black seas

and sunlight drowned in pale faces

and pale fingers drowned in black nightmares

when you cried the world cried too.



Pallid mountains surface

from the depths of silver oceans

Colorless rainbows blur in pieces

of faded skies

a haze of lilac blankets the planet

hidden from the ozone

Crescent moons stand still

And frozen stars wait

A Black Sun shimmers

rippling the Shadow World

The girl of yellow ashes

Drifting between memories

Of a golden sky

Listens as charcoal forests rise

And Shadows ascend to the ozone

The Ruler of the Universe



Watching planets of illusion orbit past fading suns

Constellations burning in dying lights

Dark storms crying in broken sunsets

Whispering incongruous hopes in unconscious minds

Dreams laced with grey dawns

Evenings full of drowning comets

Nurturing a hungry silence that stifles all questions in fiery darkness

Haunting, monotonous sounds that echo in detonating galaxies

Moving blue stars to paint swirls in black nights

Outlines of foreign thoughts fraying in ancient mystery

Controlling through thousands of elusive songs laced in silver

The Immortal Secrets of Nothingness

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