Eyes of a Broken Soul


The eyes of a broken soul watch

In her dark curls

A headband of nightmares glitters

thousands of wilting flowers



Like splintered snowflakes

they drift in empty sounds


The eyes of broken soul wait

Her presence

an anxious shadow

that whispers darkness

into vacant atmospheres


The eyes of a broken soul yearn

a velvet cry that creeps from the corners

of an ancient dream

Thick fog moving from dead winters

Fractured stardust gathering

on soft, pallid hands


The eyes of a broken soul hunger

for stolen sweetness

melting between shattered lips

diamond skin and jasmine bones

4 thoughts on “Eyes of a Broken Soul

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  1. BANG.
    “OUCH! Dang! Who turned out the lights?”
    “Oh, they’ve been out for quite a few days now.”
    ”And how should I know that?”
    ”You don’t need to know that! Just don’t come charging in like a bull in a china shop… Are you alright there?”
    “No, I am not alright! I hit my head on some FracturedGalaxies! Where on earth is lilygutschmidt?”
    “Careful there now!”
    “Careful there now WHAT?”
    “Not to hurt her; she IS a fractured galaxy.”
    “Oh, man! And I thought I was a kooky blogger…”

    And so our beautiful and tormented Princess of Lights and Shadows has decided for a more evasive spiritual path, so she can be protected from those seeking to keep us imprisoned in names and appearances.

    Leon is responsible for the little funny above, thank you very much. I sincerely hope I am not insulting you in any way, dear Lily, by this first-ever humorous attempt of mine in the blogosphere. We absolutely respect and love any changes you make in your blog. What I have attempted here feels a little embarrassing even to me, I have to tell you, and I had to overcome myself, because humor has not been my forte for many years now, although I should naturally be an all-sunshine funny-guy type with my Leo Sun. Me and Plutonia (Pluto, in Greek mythology, is the ruler of Hades or the Underworld, that’s where her name comes from) are going through dreadful times here, both personally and in our country generally, but we still manage to keep our balance most of the time, thanks also to YOUR encouragement, in your reply to my previous comment almost a month ago. So I was thinking about giving you something back, and I had this inspiration to maybe make you shine a little brighter with a hearty smile. I also felt like following our dear Canadian sister Willow’s advice at last, the first person we came in contact with on our arrival on the blogging scene, who in her first email, the one replying to our thanking her for being here in this world with us, wrote to us:

    “Hi, Leon and Plutonia; […] Please hang in there as best you can and know that you are not alone. There are many more like you, and now you can provide support and inspiration for them via your own blog, as you say. People like us are very important now. It really is too hard, but we have to continue to live with honour, style, and humour, or they’ve got us! 🙂 All the best to you, and I will have my fingers crossed that 2014 is a turnaround for you both – not to mention for our planet as a whole.”

    If you take a look at Willow’s http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/ photograph in her front page, we believe you too will recognize a sister in her. She is not only a fabulous astrologer with a sociopolitical bent, a humanitarian truth seeker and an awareness raiser on the bad things happening on our planet, but a very artistic soul, too. Notice Pluto showing up again in the title of her About page: “Willow’s Web Astrology: small and potent, just like Pluto”; she says that because Pluto astronomically is the smallest of all the planets in our Solar System, whereas astrologically it is about power and how to use it, it is about transformation, regeneration, letting go of what is no longer of any use, so we can be lifted up to our highest purpose. Oh, and about the “Anarchist” part in the text above her photograph, “Your Friendly Anarchist Astro-Reporter, Willow”, please read our very first post http://solitarythinkers.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/because-we-cannot-stop-for-death/.

    On behalf of this bunch of beautiful people clicking on your Like buttons, some appearing with their names, some as more etheric beings, please allow us to affirm to you that we are not zapping away like the TV viewers at the end of the Truman Show with Jim Carrey –can you imagine this outrageously funny and radiant guy has been battling with depression, too?– just because you seem to disappear in the depths of Hades. We do not just appreciate the wonderful imagery and art of your honest, soulful writing. We visit here because we deeply understand your suffering and dearly love you, many of us having such a tough time in this life ourselves, that we do not have the time or energy to comment as meaningfully or as often as we would like. Yes, it is a terrible shame humanity is splintered and people’s hearts are kept apart, but together we are changing this. We cannot physically give you a hug to show you how much we recognize you as a human being and a divine soul behind these gems you offer us, but please do feel that wherever we may roam during our seemingly separate journeys, we are all one. We sense so much strength and healing power in you, Lily, and we are sending all the love and light within our reach to you.
    Leon and Plutonia 🙂 🙂

    1. Congratulations for attempting humor at the beginning of this long, and deeply moving comment, it was very successful in painting a smile on my worn face.

      Willow’s blog is indeed beautiful and I plan to take sometime to explore it further.

      Thank you for the wonderful words you shared with me, their power is still singing in my heart. Thank you for showing me that even though our journeys are possibly billions of miles apart we are still connected within our universe. Although humanity is splintered, although we are broken we can heal ourselves through words, through other people. We can never allow ourselves to forget.

      Thank you,

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