Billions of stars hovering above,

reflections dancing upon black waves,

coalescing heavens and ocean into one.

A world wrapped in stillness;

cradled between Pacific swells;

rising, falling gently like an endless lullaby.

A dark shape glides through the luminescent water,

huge flukes rising in a soft arch under the moonlight,

a blunt head surfacing as if to say good-bye,

before sliding beneath ripples,

to disappear into the deep blue void.


IMG_0193The Earth was burning

The air resonating with otherworldly booms

Clouds, dark and diffuse rising,

their opaque contours expanding

to block out the sun

And under the dense veil of amber fumes

trees blazed in violent violet flames

rivers of molten lava

snaked down barren mountains ranges



plunging into the boiling seas

And all around the children of the Underworld


Stood quietly.

Silent shadows amid the billows of scarlet storm


IMG_0146A dark room,


and airless,

a vacuous face,




hunger to be painted with life,

puzzle pieces of color,

neon lights vibrant in dark city streets,

wide blue oceans,

golden suns and silver moons,

skies dense with swirls of dark purple,

and stormy greys,

rainbows trapped and rung dry,

every color,

every shade,

every hue,



imprisoned to paint a new face



a spell of sunshine

a fleeting glance of light

a filtered ray of dusty yellow

spilling on a lonely face


a blue sky

an almost promise

a golden whisper

syllables of summer

open eyes and open hearts

touching hands across space


white clouds

soft smiles

a silent field of blue irises

swaying in a quiet breeze


voices drift

red flowers spill color

dark crimson

on souls that love

in midsummer nights

Dancing In Black


The faceless dancer

draped in endless black velvet

a shadow in a falling night

catching crumpled stars with pale fingers

a woman, a body, a wingless angel

dancing in the mist of moonlight

the fading colors of winter

the blurring outlines of forgotten cities

full of empty houses, empty air and empty hearts

as broken screams fall into faceless death

Blue Dreams

IMG_0135Inside blue dreams are drowning cities

frayed with shadows that stretch huge

in unclear moonlight


skeletons ride through flooded alleys

luminescent in the charcoal cities

decaying buildings tower above

the black waves


a mother’s voice like splintering glass

echoes shrill in the emptiness

at every corner shattered windows

and dead colors fester


an underground darkness rose

swallowing life in decades of shadows

an ageless rippling night



Soldiers drift

on the outskirts

of a broken planet

quiet shadows

in a gathering dust

their splintered bodies


as velvet nights falls

and their voices

laced in song

tint the purple horizon

in streaks of scarlet

that bleed to permeate

every sky in deep red

burning the rhythms

of war in windless hearts




if you break


I will break with you


Crimson blood


will drip


from our veins




will burn


on both our bodies


open wounds


will cry


in unison


Black tears


will stain


pale skin and gold


every scream


every scar


every death


I will hold your hand


as we drown


I will hold your hand


and never let you die alone.





in the core

of nowhere

Blue roses dance

in silent shadows

and sapphire souls

cry in hollow


Golden Voids


dreaming in golden voids on an island lost in ocean

a transcend sun burning in a foreign sky

fading images washing on the shores in tangles of seaweed

found and buried like broken treasures

a passing boat dropping memories to drown

between the burnished waves of an ancient sea

the fleeting dance of light on a dusty face

and blurry hands tracing knowledge into sand

words obscuring even as they appear

hazy in golden voids

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