For Mother’s Day,




Your first word,

your first smile,

your first tea,

your first laugh,

your first wound,

treasures in her memories.


In sleepless nights she sung in sunsets;

golden lullabies to paint away

the darkness

She rocked you back and forth;

motions like a silent sea


She let you fill her with your sadness

your frozen cries of pain

She helped carry it when it got to heavy


She kissed away the crimson blood

without worry of staining her lips


She jumped in swirling black oceans

fearless of the crashing waves

as she saved your shaking body


She danced with you in golden rain,

In waterfalls of stardust,

In worlds of pretend.


She helped you learn

in patient syllables

until you understood.


She braided daisies in your hair

whispered smiles on your face

wiped away your tears


Her’s is the heartbeat you will remember forever.


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