The Vision


It is coming.

You can feel it.


A tugging in your middle;

just below your navel,

thick clouds above the mountains

morphing into shades of deep,

scarlet and violet,

like bruises expanding on the sky,

converging, spiraling, bleeding clouds,

transforming into whirlpools,

hurricanes, and ardent galaxies.


A wind pulling at your hair,

whipping your face;

the world falling,

at the cusp of cataclysm.


The end is imminent.


Nothing left but to surrender,

close your eyes,

your heart,

your mind,

and propel yourself,


into the vortex.


One thought on “The Vision

  1. Thank you so much for this recognition, Lily. Strange how a tribute to despair can strengthen your resolve to live truly (after you have overcome the scare 😉 ).
    I am staying; for my Beloved, for you, for everyone who feels or wants to feel what love really means.
    Thank you, my heart sister.
    Blessed Be,

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