My nightmares have

grown invasive

like a thousand parasites

with sharp metallic claws

they burry into dreams


and expanding until

there is only an endless

dark forest filled with trees

ornate with silver spikes

and black roses

whose leaves rustle

in the voices of the dead


They have grown

so wide


and tangled

the sky has drowned

in the depths of the forest

and the moon;

pierced by thornes

is red with blood


soon my life

will fester

deteriorate like the

decaying sun

of a future I will never see

and the forest will

continue to grow

plotting out the light

and grabbing at me

with gnarled, rotting hands


and transform me

into one of the skeletons

whose white and pearly


weave so aimlessly

in and out of trees


5 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. Mesmerizingly gloomy.
    But they only grab us if we let them, Lily. We must never forget we have souls of light; we are born from light and we are here to shine away the darkness.
    I send my energies to the higher realms for your future to be triumphant, sister, for your precious life to be showered with blessings. We can all be mediating for one another. Do not be afraid. I know you can help other people like you are helping me. To really feel the joy in life, you must suffer through the pain.

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