The Black Van


The black van arrives

Blended with an ancient twilight

A clotting of the night

We are strangers in the blackness

Dark angels whose names have been forgotten

Outlines blur around us

Colors obliterate in orbits of dust

We drive in mists of moonlight

In gentle, falling snow

In moments empty of air

We know we are dead

but tonight we have wings


2 thoughts on “The Black Van

  1. And reborn with the dawn we still have wings, only we do not flap them in front of anyone who would not understand; we find those who do.
    Thank you for soaring with me on this undercover mission of light-spreading Love, my friend, because I know how hard it is to endure. But it’s only a passing thing, this shadow… Even darkness must pass… A new day WILL come… Thank you so much for keeping up the fight, Lily, for expressing your feelings. Depression is not us. I know how hard it is to believe in yourself sometimes, but I believe in you, precious sister.
    Please take in every word of this splendid, sweet comment, and do not ever feel inadequate if you cannot comprehend or apply all the wisdom of the universe all at once; no one can. Wisdom always sets in when we are willing to support ourselves and our fellow humans.

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