I lived in stolen hours.

In time that was not supposed to be mine.

The gaps between seconds others missed

where the clock forgot to tick

and the world froze on it’s axis

the sun stopped its slow death

and I all I could hear was my own heartbeat

slow, measured, and timeless.

Small Universe

GodessYou are carrying a universe


I can see it glittering,

blazing beyond the foreign violet

tones of your sight


I can hear it in

your songs like howling wind,

like something that comes from the sky


I can see it as

you spread your arms and jump

a smile dancing on your pale face


your serene expression

as you come hurtling down toward the sea

that smashes your skull and fractures your heart


You thought your universe was carrying you

but you were carrying it


Into the Core


Into the Core

You are

in the center

of a lake with

ice so clear

you can see right

through it.


Into the Earth.


Above and underneath

red fish sparkle

like the drops of blood

that fall silently from

the corners of

your unseeing eyes.


Your skin pressed

against the water

listening to the moans

that ripple across

the surface as

though the universe

is crying.


And you are still


as all around you

ice becomes

a spiderweb

and the lake grabs

you and pulls

you into its core.



When I woke up I thought everything was gone. But then I realized everything could not be gone because I was still here.

I looked around. The light was bright and glaring like I was staring directly at the sun. It should have been painful. But it wasn’t.

Maybe everything was still there; I just couldn’t see it yet. Just like to darkness my eyes would soon adjust to the light. I stayed completely still. Waiting. Waiting for the outlines of mountain ranges to rise from the pale oceans, the bleached ground to appear underneath my feet, my hands to become visible.

How much time had gone by? Did time have a color? I was not sure anymore. Maybe it had had a sound. I listened for something, but even the sounds seemed white, the echoes colorless. I tried to move my hands, but I didn’t know where I was, where I began, or where I ended. It seemed I was everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Songs that used to be Music


Voices born from somewhere in the sky

rippling through

the ocean that used to be sand

in foreign echoes of sound

filling my bones with

smoke that used to be wind

until all the fragments that remind of me

swirl into the blank spaces

the atmosphere left behind

and above the planet that used to be Earth

stars shimmer that were already dead

when songs were still music.



I cannot stop thinking…


…atoms that were you

are different things



…the fog hanging

still and grey above

the turning Earth…


…the light that falls

like golden rain

and breaks like glass…


…the bones of babies

when they come

crying and unseeing

with fists clenched

tightly around

the memories everyone



…the stardust that

drifts down when

I am walking to



…in the wind whose

voice sounds like yours…


I can’t stop thinking…


…maybe I will hold you again…

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