Songs that used to be Music


Voices born from somewhere in the sky

rippling through

the ocean that used to be sand

in foreign echoes of sound

filling my bones with

smoke that used to be wind

until all the fragments that remind of me

swirl into the blank spaces

the atmosphere left behind

and above the planet that used to be Earth

stars shimmer that were already dead

when songs were still music.


3 thoughts on “Songs that used to be Music

  1. Your struggle is no easy thing.
    I know, my friend. It haunts me.
    I’ve always felt like this myself,
    and I am here to assure you:
    our music thrives beyond sound waves,
    our souls know each other for too long,
    through bodies countless to recall,
    and now even without them.
    I feel too much to not believe
    you’ll shine and find your way.
    Please hold your shoulders, close your eyes
    and let my warmth surround you.
    Do this as often as you wish;
    I’ll be right there to soothe you.
    You never fail to do it for me,
    break cold bathypelagic.
    Don’t think you’re ever losing me.
    A MiLeon thanks for magic!

    I am the one who picked out this video above for you, Lily, but Cheryl is the one who mentioned to me Michael Newton and his Life Between Lives studies a few days ago, which made me also realize where her Somewhere poem fits in. I even shared a miraculous experience with Cheryl, if you look at our exchanges under my last two posts (here is the first comment thread, and here the second which is not finished yet), but all this started months ago between you and me. I am so thankful that I am in the same Soul Group with you, sweet Sister. Listen to Michael Newton above to understand about Soul Groups, after you read this, please.

    Our joint healing will continue despite our struggles and thanks to them. And thanks also to them, all will be well. Take good care of yourself.

    Whether you are only a thousand miles North from us
    or back home already,
    Love never loses its way.
    Sending you lots of it,

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