When I woke up I thought everything was gone. But then I realized everything could not be gone because I was still here.

I looked around. The light was bright and glaring like I was staring directly at the sun. It should have been painful. But it wasn’t.

Maybe everything was still there; I just couldn’t see it yet. Just like to darkness my eyes would soon adjust to the light. I stayed completely still. Waiting. Waiting for the outlines of mountain ranges to rise from the pale oceans, the bleached ground to appear underneath my feet, my hands to become visible.

How much time had gone by? Did time have a color? I was not sure anymore. Maybe it had had a sound. I listened for something, but even the sounds seemed white, the echoes colorless. I tried to move my hands, but I didn’t know where I was, where I began, or where I ended. It seemed I was everywhere and nowhere all at once.


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