Into the Core


Into the Core

You are

in the center

of a lake with

ice so clear

you can see right

through it.


Into the Earth.


Above and underneath

red fish sparkle

like the drops of blood

that fall silently from

the corners of

your unseeing eyes.


Your skin pressed

against the water

listening to the moans

that ripple across

the surface as

though the universe

is crying.


And you are still


as all around you

ice becomes

a spiderweb

and the lake grabs

you and pulls

you into its core.


4 thoughts on “Into the Core

  1. I really love your artistic photo creations–every one is a work of heart, soul, and clear artistry. And your words are so touching, full of meaning. They show what a deep feeling person you are. Thank you so much for writing! Please keep it up!

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