Final Sunsets

WeAreMusic2We listen to the final sunsets.


Violent heartbeats of evening

bleeding scarlet

across a broken sky.


The echoes of a golden sun

slowly sinking

into a wide indigo sea.


An old world rising silently

to float

like a giant lost balloon

between the glaring sliver stars.


We listen the final sunsets.


Soft sounds of falling ashes

from torched memories

and the birth of a new song

expanding like darkness

to drown the sky in black.


6 thoughts on “Final Sunsets

  1. Amazing artwork! I love this. I wish I could see step by step how you create your images! Are you doing your work on a phone or a computer, or…? Such great talent you have!

  2. My mystical poetess of a Sister,
    You fetch my soul from meadows of despair
    and you make it shine in your hands.
    I appreciate you beyond words,
    symbols, land- and soundscapes,
    beyond existence itself.
    Hugs of gratitude,

    • And in my hands this little sun
      I found bleeding in the same meadows,
      I hold with adoration and I return to you.
      Let us stay healed of all twenty symptoms.
      I thank you for all your gifts and blessings,
      I feel your gratitude every day, and every day
      I pray for you to stay protected and never fear the world.
      Trust your gut, reach out and be loved, beloved Lily.
      Always at your side,
      Your Brother

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