Now that everything has gone silent.

You can here them. The clocks are ticking.

In a forest filled with wilting roses. Broken

birds decaying in between the weeds. A

starving creature somewhere in the middle

of a desert, desolate and cold. In the ocean

a whale, whose dark swollen shape hangs

suspended in blue. The black center of

a scarlet flower. Captured in the sky a frozen sun.

And from inside you the same ticking;

the one that has always been there

but you never heard because you were busy

listening to other things. Now that everything

has gone silent in the moment you can hear it.

The ticking in your soul.


3 thoughts on “

    • “[…]
      Thank you, Lord for giving me pain-
      the weeds of confusion and blinding rain.
      For there will be pastures of green tomorrow
      and a welcome ease from the burden of sorrow.
      After the rain comes a splendid rainbow
      and I know that I can only grow
      Cheryl Kimble
      WHY is the title of this full poem of our beloved Cheryl.

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