dreams unfazed

by glaring mornings

dazzling with firelight

everywhere people with tired

half-closed eyes

somewhere they are flying in the blue

along with the clouds across the silver stars

somewhere they are laughing

somewhere a smile dances golden on their face

but we don’t see them somewhere

we see them here

in this void

our void,

this white sucking emptiness

where dreams die with mornings


I watched myself fall

into the night sky

my face grey and still

only a memory of life.

Bottomless black lake

cold and swirling with

silver fish swimming

in spirals around me

like stars in our galaxy.

In the liquid moonlight

glimpses of faces I once knew

the shadows behind me

when I still looked into mirrors

their violet eyes clairvoyant

glittering with blue flames.

In the reflection

only shadows remain.

a moment preserved


a flash

a moment preserved

droplets of water frozen

to her skin

transparent in sunlight

glinting a perpetual gold

a flash

a moment preserved

stars engraved

into a dark sky

paralyzed rain

a flash

a moment preserved

the same girl

standing upside down

skin a solid immutable silver

a flash

a moment preserved

a scarlet halo rippling


her face turned to

stare into another world


Through the black,

and trembling trees

webbed with silver whispers

and fragments of forgotten songs

a dying beauty

vanishing horizons

glittering gold

with thousands of butterflies

stealing the sun


Tracing the shadows

dancing on a face

that used to mine

wondering where the darkness




her whisper like a melody


between the silver branches

lulls your aching heart

her frozen fingers welcoming

against the dense scarlet fever

her eyes transparent and ultramarine;

hallucination inducing

On the ground, beneath her feet

pearly skeletons glitter

their black velvet dresses;

rippling in soft grey wind

a violet dawn drowning

in their wide, beautiful eyes

surrender is easy


We felt

her skin


like diamonds

as if death

had drained her

and left nothing behind

but when we peered into

her eyes

they were not empty

but full of burning shadows;

all the faces she had worn

until she had none left


Above me fish with violet scales

soar through soft misty skies

and I pretend to swim with them

my eyes pressed tightly shut

as I jump with wings spread wide

into a sky full of water



standing on the edge


a burning sun sink

into the silver depths of reflection

wondering where reality started

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