Tears freeze like pearls

on your face

sparkle with reflections

of parallel worlds

we only catch glimpses of

in our sadness.

Blue flowers grow in the places

your tears fall

sprout from ground,

moist, dark, and alive

so unlike your pale feet,

laced with blue veins

that shimmer silver

with trapped moonlight.


The night war began

the sky caught on fire,

blue flames that could consume worlds,

and stars pierced with our bullets


tracing trails of silver lace into our black atmosphere

and the cries from Earth rose

and resounded in all the corners of the universe

in silent echoes that only emptiness could hear

and our deaths fell back into the Earth,

bodies with punctured lungs, fractured ribs,

and minds that forgot but still are

all into the fire at our center

Blue Butterflies


The butterflies

like echoes of blue

in clear black sky

remember when

they used to shimmer?


like the silver patchwork of stars

that used to fill the night?

Before the darkness

burned holes into their wings,

sent them falling,

like broken light

onto our world.

Where they became;

blue dust;

tangible echoes,



until nothing remains.

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