Lost inside.

Glimpses of strangers

we once knew

staring back at us

in a long list of faceless entities;

memories of bodies that were ours

but also belonged to someone else

another voice

shimmering silver

in the fragments of dying dreams

a skeleton,

a diamond princess,

with a heart so cold it could


our whole world

until only the sky

held the echoes of music

we knew before

we lost ourselves.


Blue fog

like echoes of an ocean

waves with pearly foam,

glittering white

with fragments of fallen stars.

Captured in a teardrop;

a lifetime of sadness,



fading into the blue fog.

Into the ocean.


In the attic

she kept

a locked box

heavy with the


she needed

so that reality

won’t paralyze her;

a piece of the ocean,

aquamarine and shimmering,

with mysterious life,

a blue heartbeat .

Fragments of a rainbow,

that drifted in soft swirls,

and the songs of angles,

like echoes of dreams.

Every time she needed it,

a small sun expanding,

warmth next to her heart.

Until she opened the box

and miracles became ordinary

the songs of angles lost

and the sun inside her dead


only traces left

outlines of the things that once where

seashells hollow with the whisperings of a forgotten ocean

memories deluded by grey light

holding only faces that no longer exist

footprints washed out by the sea

silence born from the absence of screams

a sunless light

wider than the weak blue gleam of sky

that still hovers like an ill-shaped cloud

in a universe where nothingness takes up space


Retracing steps

that were never made.

Fading laughter glittering

like dust

in amber sunlight.

Shadows whispering

in spaces were your heart is broken.

Losing things

you never had.

Cascades of white flowers

blurring in the brightness.

Leaves; scarlet red and falling

from a sky left unveiled by trees.

The hollow songs of angels

an endless, burning echo

in your ears.

Life that disappeared

before you had it.

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