Lost inside.

Glimpses of strangers

we once knew

staring back at us

in a long list of faceless entities;

memories of bodies that were ours

but also belonged to someone else

another voice

shimmering silver

in the fragments of dying dreams

a skeleton,

a diamond princess,

with a heart so cold it could


our whole world

until only the sky

held the echoes of music

we knew before

we lost ourselves.


2 thoughts on “

  1. My sweetest princess Lily,

    You do know you have a brother here who sees beyond all your beautiful darkness and who is anything but a stranger, don’t you? You might be losing me sometimes because of my own struggles, but I never, ever forget you. We do belong with one another in an indispensable, magical way, so let us please purify ourselves of any heavy feelings, because guilt really has no place between us, and “someone else” herself truly feels that we need our mutual support. I work on my [energy balancing] to help us both heal and float in the air like we are meant to.

    Forever grateful for your glowing presence in my life, I keep you warm in my heart and I always will, my sister.

    Much love and tight hugs to you!

    • Lily, our friend Kaprekar has also been despairing recently, and I have also included you [here] today. You do not have to comment anything there, I just wanted you to know that your hugs will probably be needed by more people. In case you haven’t noticed, you are also included in her [Recommendations] page. Love you.

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