We lived in echoes

Afraid of the present

Our lives fading

Before they ever began

We danced

weightless like

dandelion dust drifting

in golden sky

our drying tears

glittering in fractured light,

like silver shadows,

in an indigo night,

hiding in memories,

forgotten before

they are remembered

as past


left inside the room,

the woman with the translucent hair

and unblinking glass eyes

with which she sees in the empty spaces

the things that once were.

Her hands folded,

skin grey and shimmering

with a thin film of dust.

Inured to endless silence,

a voice that died

burning in her chest,

pulsating scarlet

next to her pale heart.

Blank white walls,

dancing with forgotten color,

dreams that once lived

only to be lost in the room

with the woman

who sees the things in empty spaces.

Black Desert


The stars fell like snow.


Above the black desert,

Above the rippling shadows,

dark even against night.

Fragments of whispers;

silvery echoes of another world

drift in between

the gapes

that consume our minds.

Velvet thoughts breathe,

emptiness into our world,

cold and grey,

like a winter that starts within us,

a frozen galaxy


in the place our soul resides.

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