Underneath the undulating surface

past the endless, motionless blue

magic resides;

a world of forgotten light,

lost in aquamarine depth,

nestled in meadows of emerald seaweed;

that drift and curl with the movements of the ocean.

And among pearly white flowers that shimmer

like the stars that died so long ago,

mermaids sing soundlessly of forlorn love,

their fallen galaxy drowning slowly into oblivion


The day

life was a dream

the sky broke apart

in fractured gold

and we could see the universe

and touch the stars that once seemed so distant.

And the tears that stained our faces

no longer tasted like sadness.

And raindrops were as intricate and beautiful

as snowflakes;

like falling glitter,

like star dust from our universe

dancing blue on sidewalks.

And pain was a memory

we had forgotten

swirling echoes drifting away

in pale wind.

A song inside of us,

a new heartbeat.

Within our dream we remembered how to live.


In the gaps of time

dreams dance

like fragments of sunlight

glittering across a fading blue sky

in emerald forests

they hide in crevices,

and under leaves

their whimsical whispers

drifting silver in the wind

promises of a vastness

and vividness

that leaves us longing

of yet unknown worlds

when we wake up

trapped inside

our aching bodies

that keep us ordinary


on the edge of our world

a woman made of tears


iridescent in transient light,

from a dream

of melting moons

and silver whispers,

weaving sadness into pieces of sky,

singing blue into

dull morning glow,

her voice sparkling like mist

coming and going like wind

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