on the edge of our world

a woman made of tears


iridescent in transient light,

from a dream

of melting moons

and silver whispers,

weaving sadness into pieces of sky,

singing blue into

dull morning glow,

her voice sparkling like mist

coming and going like wind


4 thoughts on “

  1. I hear you in the wind; above me I see your sparkling sky pieces.
    I breathe in melodies of blue, breathe out soft whispers of bright gold,
    for you sweet sister to fill your lungs and be replenished, vibrant, new.

    Stay in the light, liebste Lily; I love you.
    You too, our dearest Holly.
    (((Healing threefold hugs))),
    [so deep that we can all come clean].

    (The song was offered to me yesterday by our Scorpio brother [Daniel]).

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