on the bed a broken girl

a disappearing body

marred by hunger

and aching with lost laughter.

a mind falling into dreams

full of dancing angels

who twirl on floors of cloud and night sky.

Weightless and ethereal.

Ice-cold and beautiful.

With hollow legs and white wings.

And in the distance a bright light

a forgotten moon,

a reminder of a world where angels die


She crawled from the ocean,

a face slick with moonlight,

and her hair a tangle of shadows,

her arms a map of aquamarine veins—

the color of tranquil sea

lips broken by dry wind,

and a mouth half open

in a silent, vibrating scream

in her empty eyes

the new world shimmers

vast and full of light

now in the sun,

she breathes and walks,

but in her ears the whispers of the ocean linger,

azure echoes from a foreign world

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