She was dead

long before she ever existed;


solidifying only to disperse again


A ghostly figure

dancing under a fathom moon

crying silver

into a darkness

no one remembers


In the eternal emptiness of her eyes

the reflection of another world,

or a different time

a burning sky

from years ago and years to come


A world, her universe,

engulfed flames;

a sunset shimmering in her irises

scarlet like the blood of a thousand dying suns


She was forgotten

before anyone even knew her;

a memory of the future


In her faded eyes

the remnants of storms


the lightning that fractured skies

and scorched the corners of dreams

in brilliant white


Foreign fires that ravaged Earth

and infected oceans with violent, unabated flames


the thunder that roared through cities

left souls trembling in silent, speechless wonder

now only an echo,

a residue of sound,

and a half-hearted rain,

that continues forever without really existing,

grey, and tired,

like the oceans now polluted with lost fire and full of dust

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