The echoes are lost,

carried away by a soundless wind.

The darkness once pervasive

recoils in corners,

to shiver in unknown light.

And shadows of the past

hide from the glow of a new sun.

A melody—

both foreign and familiar,

new and ancient.

A song hummed in the voices

that died centuries ago,

and will still be sung centuries to come.

Music that glitters,

a summer that starts from within,

a smile that stays so long that it starts to hurt.


pure and simple,

complex and incomprehensible.


2 thoughts on “

  1. I had the same smile on my face all week long, liebe Lily, picking up a response, feeling you humming along, without even having read this amazingly uplifting piece of yours. Now I know we are glittering music, self-renewing suns. For Catlin’s wonderful story, too, you have my love and admiration.
    [Wir sind wahr]

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