Lost behind a face

that belonged to another

She used dance in golden flowers

her eyes so wide

the whole sky could fit into them

Lost with wishes I never made

and hopes of things I never wanted

She used dance under a silver moon

her hair so black

it was a part of the night

Lost in the arms of someone who loved her

and saw my face transform into hers

She used dance in the winter

her laugh so loud

it broke the clouds

Lost inside a family

that saw only her

when they looked at me

She used to dance in crowds

her figure so beautiful

the whole world stopped to stare

Lost with a sister

who drowned but never died

I used to sit in golden flowers

watching a face so similar that

sometimes I forgot

it wasn’t mine


6 thoughts on “

  1. sounds like the narrator is haunted by the ghost of her deceased twin sister, and it’s really hard, because people always assume, that identical twins are identical in every way, including their personalities, but, they’re NOT the same…

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