Loss of Innocence


I am in a different world

midnight blue and deathly quiet—

sound already a distant memory.

I know I am drowning

though I can’t feel anything.

My vision a complex of multiple angles;

at once I can look down and see my hands

and in their palms the universe

—dusty stars and strange white flowers—

that I will soon belong to.

Another angle assumes my face

and on it a smile I don’t recognize

—full of mystery and terrifying wickedness–

soon I know will be nothing.

Already a stranger breaths for me.

Without Purpose


from my silver world

I watch

and listen

but everything is blurred

people move too fast

rushing past with vague faces

or else leaving in midsentence

an unfinished story



and abandoned

where they once stood

in my silver world

there is no time

so I watch, listen

and try to understand

people lose their dreams on sidewalks

and don’t even turn around

because they are so busy

running to nowhere

so full of nothing

that they don’t realize

everything is missing

In my silver world

I watch, listen

and try to understand

people are actors

pretending to live

or else following a script

they thought was theirs

but isn’t

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