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I used to walk


in a world of never ending blueness

through deserts of broken glass,

through meadows filled with frozen roses

I used to wish

I were stardust

forming only to disperse again

It used to be silent

It used to be cold

It used to be lonely

Now I feel

this world is changing

my dreams whisper of a future

ice melts as a strange sun rises:

new colors


my eternity

of blue

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I thought I had forgotten you,

lost you somewhere

in past darkness,

on the edge of some long dead dream;

but now in the shadows,

in the corners of my mind,

your voice


weaving silver whispers

through my thoughts:

“You are no longer beautiful,

let me make you beautiful again”.

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In my silver world

I am in no longer alone

In my silver world

we are dancers

among black roses


as their velvet petals first bloom

and then rot into lurid nightmares

In my silver world

we are painters

thorns are brushes

we etch in scarlet ink

our love on our pale skin

In my silver world

we kiss

as we fall

through a sky of lost stars

In my silver world

everyone forgets

only we remember each other

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