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In my silver world

I am in no longer alone

In my silver world

we are dancers

among black roses


as their velvet petals first bloom

and then rot into lurid nightmares

In my silver world

we are painters

thorns are brushes

we etch in scarlet ink

our love on our pale skin

In my silver world

we kiss

as we fall

through a sky of lost stars

In my silver world

everyone forgets

only we remember each other


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  1. Such a beautiful celebration, Lily dear, of the soul connections that endure and support us among life’s tribulations. Thank you also for seeing that this [Blessed Gift] can be a challenge or even a curse. No one is to blame, we all have our traumas and ongoing struggles and there is only wisdom above the veils of our lessons, but we do need to be sparing with our life force by practicing [discernment]. I have been quietly asking for divine protection and guidance for myself and Plutonia, for you and more dear ones including our German relatives, [letting go] where necessary with [forgiveness] so that we can all be honoring our life journeys so [responsibly] that everything makes sense and allows our soul purposes to be gently revealed. [Though we travel along the difficult roads of life, we Are and always will Be.]
    Our circumstances here are too difficult and we still have no clue as to how we will make it to my Beloved’s Heimat, but [no one is ever alone], the Light that we are is above the body’s torture and the mind’s despair, and you are cherished and unconditionally loved, mein Seelenschwesterlein; bezweifle das nie, please do concentrate on your school work, be joyfully [Brave], and watch everything unfolding wonderfully. Our nourishing prayers are always with you, all our Angels by your side.
    Ever gratefully your Friend and Brother, Leon

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