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I thought I had forgotten you,

lost you somewhere

in past darkness,

on the edge of some long dead dream;

but now in the shadows,

in the corners of my mind,

your voice


weaving silver whispers

through my thoughts:

“You are no longer beautiful,

let me make you beautiful again”.


9 thoughts on “

  1. Who decides what beauty is? Who tells us that we aren’t already beautiful? Whom do we believe? What is truth? Whom can we trust? (Just some questions that appeared in my mind after reading your provocative poem.)

  2. I swear I seriously don’t know from where to begin describing the beauty of your works. I’m a writer but right now? I’m out of words. This is the first blog I actually absolutely LOVE. They’re all all all very very heart-wrenching and extremely beautiful. I’m so happy I came across your blog haha. Keep it up, love. Xoxoxo

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