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a black empty sky.

a silence that consumes sound.

an endless nightmare

where I watch

the face

the world

that used to be mine

slowly fade


leaving me nameless

in a nameless world.

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I dream

our feet cold

breath freezing in the arctic air

silver laughter suspended in the dark

fingers laced tightly

and in the sky the Earth distant like a star

my heart pounds wildy

but as I reach for your lips

I remember

you are only a dream

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his face once beautiful

now grey with lost charm

like the winter sunk into his skin

and stole all his warmth


words fall from his lips

so heavy

the air can’t hold them

they shatter on the ground


and pierce my heart

“I cheated on you.”


an echo that remains

inside me

long after he is gone


around I feel the world

grow colder

and wonder

if this year the winter will last forever

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in the dying sunlight

a fallen girl

who allowed herself to dream.


although she knew better.


now she waits

almost patiently

for the darkness to take root

to grow

around and inside her

once again.


she wonders

almost as an afterthought

why she had forgotten what she had always known:
Happiness is transient.

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